Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Last Post

I've decided to wrap up Atheist Wisdom and concentrate on my other blog, Creationist Idiocy. Although it has fewer followers, it gets more hits and is generally more fun for me to maintain. It also has far more original content from yours truly, whereas most of the articles and quotes I post on Atheist Wisdom are easily found elsewhere.

Thanks to all who've read this blog, linked to it, or left comments. I especially thank those of you who have signed on as followers, and I hope that you'll check out Creationist Idiocy if you haven't already.



All thinking men are atheists.

Ernest Hemingway


  1. Well, Luke, I'll keep following both of them and keep linking. Keep the quotes going, though, if you please, they're my favorite part of this blog, and it would be a shame to lose them.

  2. The sheer arrogance of man to deny what is so clearly evident in the infinite & intricate design of the universe, Divine intervention.


  3. G, this post is over a year old, and this blog is dead. But thanks for proving Hemingway's point.