Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Jealous God

Bill Maher talks to "Jesus" at The Holy Land Experience in the documentary Religulous:

J: No other gods before me, Bill.

BM: But having no other gods before you, that’s not moral. There’s nothing moral about that, it’s just something a jealous god would do.

J: It does say that our god is a jealous god.

BM: But your god is jealous? That seems so un-god-like. That god would have such a petty human emotion. I know
people who’ve gotten over jealousy.

J: Well there’s two sides of the coin. He’s a jealous god, and he’s also a merciful god.

BM: No, he spends the first five books of the bible wiping out people.

J: Well, that’s what he chose to do. His ways are higher than ours, Bill!

BM: Maybe our thinking should be higher.

J: That’s a good point.