Thursday, November 6, 2008

Freethought Books for Prisoners

Leslie Zukor runs the Freethought Books Project, which has been "donating secular & freethinking literature to inmates, mental hospitals, and others in need since 2005". This is a terrific scheme, especially given the following statistics:

US Population that is Atheist/Agnostic: 14%

US Prison Population that is Atheist/Agnostic: 0.21%

Why not send Leslie that old copy of The God Delusion you've got lying around?

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  1. I correspond with about a dozen of the prisoners who have received books from Leslie. They are extremely appreciative of the books she has sent them. They regard that reading material as a ray of light in a difficult place in which religion is often the only philosophical option available.

    Hemant Mehta recently published a letter from one of them on his Friendly Atheist blog.