Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Atheism Pamphlets

Cyberguy has some atheism pamphlets available to download. They're a little lacking in artistic flair at the moment, but they're a great idea. Next time those Jehovah's witnesses come knocking you can give them one, you never know, it might make them stop and think. Hopefully Cyberguy and others will work to improve these, and let's get them out there...


  1. I intend that these resources improve in quality and quantity over time.

    But if anyone sees an unfilled need, feel free to get creative and send me your work. I would be happy to add it to the download list.

    - Cyberguy

  2. Please edit the content of your pamphlets to be less wordy. Keep in mind the only time people will read these is when doing some thing like waiting in line.

    That said, thank you very much for creating a free resource for people to download material like this.

  3. Perfect! Just had about the 3rd visit since April and this will come in handy next time. I don't judge or wish to convert anyone, but it just gets so annoying when religious people come knocking and think they have to push their views on the whole neighborhood. Besides most problems in the world today stem from religion so maybe THEY need to rethink their own ways.

  4. I am going to NYC this summer. I will be going to the Jehova's Witnesses headquarters in Brooklyn with The Portable Atheist in hand and a few of these pamphlets, for comedy purposes.

    I googled "Atheist pamplets" and found these. They're great! Hopefully I will be able to videotape and YouTube my endeavors.